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Asian Bistro Revisited

We wanted to do a big family lunch outing. Some of us were feeling catfish and my mother recently had a good experience at Asian Bistro, so we decided to revisit the

SpringRo Revisited

It’s been a couple of years since my last stop to SpringRo. Some friends were looking to meet up for some lunch and since we were up north, I figured

Pho Chopstix

Pho Chopstix Review

With cooler weathers hopefully here for the rest of the year, we’ve been traveling across Wichita trying all the pho this city has to offer. We’ve been visiting old and

To Chau

To Chau Restaurant: Pho Review

While it’s not exactly the coldest of times in Wichita at moment, I never need a reason to eat some Pho; one of my favorite items in town. So let’s

Little Saigon

Little Saigon Review

One of the more talked about Asian restaurants in Wichita is Little Saigon. I remember occasionally going there as a kid but since I reached adulthood, not maturity (still waiting


Kimlan Sandwiches Review

My journey to try a new restaurant once a week for the first four months took me to 1035 N Broadway for some Vietnamese sandwiches; introducing Kimlan Sandwiches! Kimlan Sandwiches