Way to support Wichita By E.B.

I often get asked how readers can support Wichita By E.B. if they choose to. As most people know, this blog and endeavor is 100% funded by myself. We aren’t a for profit media site that charges subscriptions of any sort. Any revenue to cover the site and constant outings to support the Wichita food and entertainment scene is made up through donations and Google Ads. Does Wichita By E.B. end up in the red year after year? No doubt but this is a journey that’s worth it.

How to support Wichita By E.B. 

There are three methods that are primarily used for any sort of support.

The Patron Site
I have a page set up called the Patron Page people can use to make donations. Payments and donations are handled through Stripe.

I do have a Venmo account under @WichitaByEB

Buy Me a Coffee
If you’ve ever heard of a site called Buy Me a Coffee, you can donate increments of $4 via my Buy Me A Coffee site.

I do offer advertising options on my site via the Be Featured page, but it’s something I tend to not use much of. At no point is anybody ever required to donate. The most important thing is I do this because I like it and enjoy it. Everything else is just the cherry on top.

Share The Page
If anything, you can always share this website on your social pages to help spread the word about this somewhat awesome resource!

For any questions, contact [email protected]