The Reader’s Top 25 Mexican Restaurants in Wichita

Earlier this month, I asked readers to weigh in on their favorite Mexican restaurants in Wichita. Over 700 people chimed in on the poll more than doubling the turnout of the previous poll; it’s growing! The thing about these types of lists is its a fun way to get interactive with people but at the same time doesn’t have much real stock in it because of the sample size and it’s all subjective.

Disclaimer: Do not take the results so seriously. With that said, I’m sure there are many who will.

As usual, I did not participate in this poll and have to admit I was quite shocked with the turnout of some results. I’ll get more into that later.

For those wondering how the poll was conducted, it was simple. A survey was published asking readers to rank their top 5 Mexican restaurants. A first place vote received 5 points, a second place vote received 4 points and so on. These were strictly brick & mortar restaurants.

Without further ado, here is The Reader’s Top 25 Mexican Restaurants in Wichita… (keyword Reader’s when you get ready to complain).

1El Mexico Cafe
2Molino's Cuisine
3Taqueria El Fogon
4Felipe's Mexican Restaurant
5Pollo Express
6Connie's Mexico Cafe
7El Agave Mexican Restaurant
8Los Cocos
9District Taqueria
10La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
11Mexico Viejo
12Carlos O'Kelly's
13Rene's Mexican Food
14Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant
15Ruben's Mexican Grill
16Taco Fajita Restaurant
17Felipe's Jr. Mexican Restaurant
18Uno Mas Fresh Mex
19Playa Azul
20Paleteria La Reyna
21Los Compadres Mexican Grill
22El Patio Cafe
23Fuzzy's Taco Shop
24Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant
25Tacos TJ 664

Others Barely Outside the Top 25: Jose Peppers, Molino’s Taqueria, El Rancho, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Margarita’s Cantina, Mr. Taco/Tacos Alex, Cholitas Mexican Restaurant, On The Border, Juarez Bakery, Cactus Cantina & Grill, Taco Shop, Lalo’s Express, El Viejito Mexican Restaurant, El Jalisco, and La Chinita Mexican Restaurant.

So what do you think of the results?

I figured based on some of the past polls I’ve seen conducted by the Eagle and other places, there would be many familiar restaurants in the top like El Mexico Cafe, Molino’s Cuisine, Felipe’s, and Connie’s Mexico Cafe. I was happy to see some smaller players in the game like Taqueria El Fogon, Pollo Express and Taco Fajita Restaurant make the Top 25.

The two biggest shockers to me were Mr. Taco/Tacos Alex and Cactus Cantina & Grill finishing at 31 & 35. I surely would have thought they were worthy of Top 25. Fast food tacos didn’t receive many votes. Taco Shop finished the highest out of the bunch followed by Taco Rio.

I’m always intrigued to gauge the opinion of readers and find it so fascinating. Now it’s time to narrow down what the next Reader Top 25 poll will be.

Happy Dining,

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7 thoughts on “The Reader’s Top 25 Mexican Restaurants in Wichita”

  1. If I was thinking fast food Mexican then Taco Pronto is a Wichita gem. However for a nice meal Felipe’s rules. That’s Felipe’s on east Harry. That ones the best.

  2. El Gordo is practically my religion at this point. The fact that it isn’t even mentioned in here at all makes me question the existence of god. Please delete this article.

  3. Alot of those restaurants arent even real mexican food just commercial junk.. It looks like people just picked restaurants that they knew from their area..If a person ever had real mexican food and liked real mexican food alot of those wouldnt be in the top 50.

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