Reviewing the Great Value Tuna Bowls from Walmart

Let’s review the microwaveable Tuna Bowls from Walmart! At $2.24, these little convenient on the go containers are advertised as being great for any occasion. Take a look:

They are great for Kids & Moms, Camping, At the Gym, Sports Nutrition.

Ironically enough, these are four categories I do not belong in. I’m not a kid or a mother. I don’t camp. You won’t find me at any gym. And Sports Nutrition sounds like a Jeopardy category to me.

So, the question I posed to myself when buying these was, “Are these great for dads?” Let’s find out.

The Great Value brand Tuna Bowls come in three flavors: Teriyaki with white rice, Mediterranean with brown rice, Sweet Chili Tomato with white rice. As an added bonus, each container comes with its own spork for added convenience! All of this for just $2.24!

Setup is a breeze. Simply peel both tuna and rice bowl lids about halfway. Place both containers side-by-side in the microwave for 1 minute.

Remove bowls from microwave. Be careful! They are hot. Next up, pour the tuna bowl into the rice bowl and stir well. You’ll also want to unfold your spork. Once it snaps, you know you’re set.

The final step is to eat and enjoy.

What did this dad think about the Tuna Bowls aimed at kids, moms, campers, gym rats, and sports nutritionists?

I thought they were surprisingly delectable, tasty and filling. The bowls at first glance won’t win any beauty pageants. But for $2.24, these little 8.8 ounce containers packed quite the punch. I had one of the bowls over lunchtime and it was the right size to keep me satisfied and ready to continue my day without the bloated feeling. If (and when) I got hungry again, I just zapped another container in the microwave and repeated every step listed above. One of the most surprising parts of the bowl was that the rice stayed firm. I was thinking that the microwave rice would come out hard like unpopped popcorn, but that wasn’t the case.

Of all the flavors, Sweet Chili Tomato was probably my favorite but in all actuality, they were all pretty good. I’m definitely getting these again even though I’m not their target market.

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