The Neighborhood visits GangNam Korean BBQ & Sushi

Visits GangNam Korean BBQ & Sushi

Our collaboration of local influencers, foodies, bloggers and vloggers, The Neighborhood, wanted to do a monthly get together and have some dinner over a communal dining experience; something that would be fun to share with a group of people. We decided on GangNam Korean BBQ & Sushi.

If you’ve never been there, they are a Korean restaurant located downtown at 210 N. Washington. One thing they are known for are their grilling tables. It’s literally a table you can grill your own food at if you choose to do so. We thought this would be a super cool experience to share with other diners looking for different things to do.

As usual, we went all out. There was so much to cover so here’s a visual look at everything we had.

The Start

The grilling table looks like this. They have four and six tops for diners. There we just four of us so they placed us at one of the smaller grilling tables.


One huge plus about GangNam is the unlimited number of kimchi options. It’s all really good and yes, it truly is unlimited along with the fried rice.


There were different BBQ options to choose from for the grilling table. They had courses set up on their menu with various meats on there. We went all out and ordered the biggest one, Course E, which included seven different meats. Surely, that would be enough for just four people.

Once we placed our order, a cart came around the corner with everything.

Our grill was turned on, and we were off to the races.

Here’s all the goodness we stuffed ourselves with:

Boneless Galbi (Non-marinated short ribs)
Boneless Galbi (Non-marinated short ribs)
Pork Belly
Pork Belly
Bulgogi (Marinated Sliced Beef Ribeye)
Bulgogi (Marinated Sliced Beef Ribeye)
Lettuce wraps using the Bulgogi
LA Galbi (Marinated Short Ribs)
LA Galbi (Marinated Short Ribs)
Spicy Pork
Spicy Pork
Black Angus Prime Steak
Black Angus Prime Steak

What did The Neighborhood have to say?

Live Local 

Fert The Foodie

Lynn Avants with Significantly Spicy

Lynn is the resident Wichita Foodie Friends representative for The Neighborhood. Check out his awesome feature in the Wichita Foodie Friends Facebook group or through his Significantly Spicy Page.

Wichita By E.B.

It was sooooooo much food but sooooooo incredibly delicious. Everything was tasty. We ended up choosing not to grill the food ourselves. This allowed us more time to take pictures, take notes, and….. well eat food.

Of all the meats we had, the pork belly and either of the marinated short rib options (bone-in and boneless) were truly magical. We had some leftovers, but I helped make sure there were no pieces of pork belly or short ribs left. That’s one meat I can go through with ease.

On top of our food, I have to commend the service. Big shout out to Momma Yong (I hope I spelled that right) who was our server and cook that evening. She did an incredible job!

Overall, it was a fun experience and something different from ordering your food and having it brought out to your table. The grilling tables are unique and a dining experience worth trying for the foodies in town.

Gangnam Korean BBQ & Sushi Bar Details

210 N Washington St. Wichita, KS 67202

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 8:30pm
Friday: 11am – 9pm
Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8:30pm

Cash/Card Accepted

Here’s the menu:

Once again it was another fun festive Neighborhood visit to GangNam Korean BBQ. Dining out should be an adventure to be enjoyed with others. When you’re able to do it with others who share the same passion of food as you, it makes it all worthwhile.

Happy Dining,

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