My Ghost Hunt at Old Cowtown Museum

Old Cowtown Museum

Old Cowtown Museum

I was recently invited to do a little ghost hunt at Old Cowtown Museum.

The museum is home to 54 buildings that span 23 acres and features actual buildings from the 1800s.

Many people, including employees at Cowtown, have shared firsthand experiences of ghosts and paranormal activity. The Wichita Paranormal Research Society has also reported on such events.

After speaking to some of the staff, they shared stories of being scratched, hearing piano music playing, meetings taking place, children talking, all in areas where there were no people.

One of the biggest stories of Old Cowtown Museum we were told was about Wichita Eagle newspaper founder Marshall Murdock and the Murdock House.

Old Cowtown Museum

As legend has it, his daughter died of spinal meningitis and had her wake in the Murdock House, which still stands at Cowtown. People have seen and heard the daughter playing around the house, lights turning on and off mysteriously, and footsteps in the house.

We spent some time in the Murdock House among other areas such as the dentist’s office, morgue and nearby houses. Unfortunately (or actually fortunately), we didn’t experience any paranormal activity.

But that’s not to say, we didn’t see anything scary during our visit.

There was one of the biggest daddy long legs I’ve ever seen just hanging around.

Could you imagine how scary an oyster dinner was in Kansas back in the 1800s? People may have been better off drinking water out of the Arkansas River.

The news is scary now, just think of how scary it was 150 years ago? And how did people read the Wichita Eagle’s news behind a paywall without a phone or computer? Witchcraft.

We even saw people playing music, singing and dancing. I believe they were actors doing some rehearsal, but nobody walked in that building and physically checked to make sure they were real people.

Maybe one evening, I’ll return a second time to see if I could see something cool.

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