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First Look at Fatburger & Buffalo’s Express

Wichita’s first Fatburger and Buffalo’s Express recently opened at 2556 N. Greenwich Road. The first of what should be three locations in town brought out numerous fans, first-timers and foodies who were

Grindhouse Killer Burgers - Blandest Burgers

One of the blandest burgers I’ve ever had

I recently had one of the blandest burgers ever. It also makes me wonder how many restaurant owners clicked on this particular blog, praying their name it wasn’t mentioned. Well,

Big Arbor Restaurant & Venue

First Look at Big Arbor Restaurant & Venue

A new restaurant and venue space has opened called Big Arbor which took over the nightclub, Tarragon’s, at 4311 W. Central Avenue. The restaurant opened almost a month ago for delivery

Happy Plate

First Look at Happy Plate Food Truck

Who doesn’t love finding new food trucks around town? Thanks to Lisa, owner of Funky Monkey Munchies, for giving me the heads up on Happy Plate. Come to find out, they