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What to expect at Wheatly’s Burgers

Located inside the recently opened Social Tap Drinkery is Wichita’s newest burger spot called Wheatly’s Burgers. The brand-new concept is focused on using quality ingredients like certified Angus beef, 100% hormone-free

Sport Burger Revisited

One of my favorite burgers in town is a little drive-through restaurant located near Douglas and Hillside. It’s a bright yellow building you can’t miss especially when they open at

Slider Shak Revisited

People in Wichita love a good deal. They particularly love Taco Tuesdays. Slider Shak who opened earlier this year at 4628 S. Seneca has been celebrating Taco Tuesdays a little differently.

Let’s Review A&W Restaurants!

Let’s review A&W Restaurants! A&W is an American chain of fast-food restaurants known for their burgers and draft root beer. The restaurant was founded in 1923 in Lodi, California. I

Bionic Burger Revisited

I was in the mood for something a little different and decided to head on over to Bionic Burger to give them a revisited review. It’s been many years since I last

First Look at Slider Shak

The building that has been home to such places as Sweet Willy’s BBQ, Big B’s Beef, Burger Basket, Sonny’s Backyard Grill, Jalapeno Mexican Grill, Fire It Up Pit BBQ and

West Street Burgers Revisited

We were out on West Street and feeling burgers. So, it only made sense we stopped by West Street Burgers. We’ve been to both their West Street and south Seneca