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Crispy Donuts

First Look at Crispy Donuts

A new donut shop called Crispy Donuts opened this month. This one took over the former Taco Tico building at 460 N. West St. I live in a family of donut lovers.

Donut Palace

Visiting Donut Palace in Augusta, KS

One of the favorite donuts shops in Wichita is Donut Palace on north Broadway. Did you know before that, there was already one outside of town in Augusta, KS? If you

Lamar's Donuts

West side donut love at Lamar’s Donuts

If you’re in northwest Wichita, where do you go for donuts? I decided to drop by Lamar’s Donuts. Since they have other locations around town, I’m already quite familiar with their

First Look at Jack’s North Hi Donuts

After years of ownership changes, Jack’s North Hi Carryout is no more. A new restaurant has taken its space. While the iconic sign has changed, owners did their best to

Donut Palace Revisited

One of the restaurants in Wichita I’ve been wanting to revisit for the longest time is Donut Palace. It’s a donut shop that opened around the beginning of 2021. Since