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Tillie's Flower Shop

Shop Local: Tillie’s Flower Shop

Tillie’s Flower Shop Whether you’re looking to purchase flowers for that special someone in your life for an occasion like Valentine’s Day or you want that perfect apology that brightens

Ze German Markt

Shop Local: Ze German Markt

Ze German Markt There are many fantastic local businesses inside Revolutsia, the shipping container mall at 2721 E. Central. One of them offers something unique to Wichita. It’s Ze German Markt,

Orie's Farm Fresh

Local Spotlight: Orie’s Farm Fresh

Orie’s Farm Fresh If you’re ever at the farmer’s markets around town, one vendor you’ve probably heard of is Orie’s Farm Fresh. But did you know they are more than

Mustard Roots Boutique

Shop Local: Mustard Roots Boutique

Mustard Roots Boutique Located in the Westlink Shopping Center at 9007 W. Central is a cute little boutique shop that sells womens clothing called Mustard Roots Boutique. You might be asking,

Imagine That Toys

Shop Local: Imagine That Toys

Imagine That Toys Perhaps you’re looking for that special toy for your child and want to shop local. If so, check out Imagine That Toys. They are a family owned

Nifty Nut House

Shop Local: Nifty Nut House

Nifty Nut House When it comes to gift giving, whether its for yourself or others, I can’t think of a better or more popular place than the Nifty Nut House. If

Spektrum Muzik

Local Spotlight: Spektrum Muzik

Spektrum Muzik I love music. It doesn’t matter the genre, I’ll listen to everything. Growing up, we had the full range of cassette tapes, CDs and vinyls at home. While