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Shop Local: Primal Beef Jerky

Primal Beef Jerky I first came across Primal Beef Jerky while shopping at the Old Town Farm & Art Market. They’re a local producer of beef jerky. There, I tried a

Standard Issue Co.

Shop Local: Standard Issue Co.

Standard Issue Co. We’ve covered numerous businesses over the years; many aimed at different demographics and interests. But one industry we haven’t really discussed much is apparel and goods for

What to expect at The Selfie Spot

What can you expect at The Selfie Spot? It’s a fun, Instagrammable and photo-filled experience that contains 13 selfie booths that are 8×8 feet. I stopped by earlier to get

Spicy J's Seasonings

Shop Local: Spicy J’s Seasonings

Spicy J’s Seasonings One of the local businesses I’ve been using for seasonings and spices is Spicy J’s Seasonings. It’s a vendor you may have seen at the Farmer’s Market at

Tightwrapz Print Shop

Shop Local: Tightwrapz Print Shop

Tightwrapz Print Shop I love a good local success story and one I came across was Tightwrapz Print Shop. It’s a local print shop started in Wichita by Danny Trantham. I’m

The Hereafter

Shop Local: The Hereafter

The Hereafter What happens to clothes after they die; is there life after death? That’s where The Hereafter comes in. They are the self-proclaimed, heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo, the spirit world and

Kerosene Skate Shop

Shop Local: Kerosene Skate Shop

Kerosene Skate Shop If you’re into skating or know of someone who is, be sure they know about Kerosene Skate Shop. It’s a locally owned business that specializes in boards, accessories,