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Local Spotlight: Feline Groovy

Feline Groovy When I asked for locally owned shops to visit, a suggestion came up that I’ve never heard of. Did you know there’s a store completely dedicated to cats?

Local Spotlight: The Spice Merchant

The Spice Merchant They are a business that needs no introduction, but we are going to give it to them anyway. The Spice Merchant is the city’s original gourmet coffee

Cake Stuff

Local Spotlight: Cake Stuff

Cake Stuff Here’s some backstory on why I chose to write this blog. If I had to choose my favorite childhood memory of all time from the holidays, it would

Local Spotlight: Bungalow 26

Bungalow 26 One of my favorite areas in town is the Delano District. There’s just so much to do when it comes to entertainment, bars, eating and even shopping. While

Local Spotlight: Belle & Buddy’s Kitchen

Belle & Buddy’s Kitchen When it comes to homemade jams, jellies and apple butter, one local vendor worth looking into is Belle & Buddy’s Kitchen. I’m not sure I’ve seen

Local Spotlight: TeaTaze

TeaTaze I love tea, and one thing I’ve been trying to get into is loose-leaf tea. Earlier this summer, I was at one of the vendor markets around town and

Local Spotlight: Aida Stenholm

Aida Stenholm There are so many gems hiding in plain sight throughout Wichita. One, I recently learned about is Aida Stenholm. The store is named after the owner, Aida Stenholm, who provides

Local Spotline: Blush Beauty Room

Blush Beauty Room A new beauty salon has opened in one of my favorite areas of town, Clifton Square in College Hill. We have places to grab pizza, burgers, ice

Local Spotlight: Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets A new pet store opened at 4488 W. Kellogg Dr. in the same strip that holds Sketchers and Guitar Center. It’s called Exotic Pets. It’s actually the second location