Seneca Bowl

For the next visit in the Family Fun Series, we wanted to do cover more of what we enjoy doing… bowling! While this particular activity isn’t something we get to enjoy as much due to the hours, it’s loads of fun when we do. It’s cosmic bowling! It’s offered at essentially all the bowling alleys in town, but on this particular trip we thought it’d be great to show some love to Seneca Bowl.

To nobody’s surprise, Seneca Bowl is located at 1909 S. Seneca of all streets.

If you’ve never heard of cosmic bowling, it’s an event at a bowling alley where the bowling takes place under special illumination, with lasers, music, etc. Imagine bowling in a more party-like atmosphere.

Cosmic bowling takes place at Seneca Bowl every Friday and Saturday night from 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. The cost is $12 per bowler and includes shoe rental. It’s an all-inclusive price that is all you can bowl, and we know Wichitans love an all-you-can whatever deal.

It’s a fun, laid-back atmosphere where bowlers of all skill levels can enjoy a night out and knock down some pins or perhaps gutter balls all night long.

Beer and alcohol is sold all night long. They also have small jell-o shots on sales for a dollar which I’m such a sucker for.

If you get hungry, the kitchen is open. And yes, I did take a picture of the menu for everyone.

We love bowling so much, and cosmic bowling adds on a layer of vibes that enhance the night. It’s an experience that is always highly recommended from us.

Seneca Bowl is located at 1909 S. Seneca. For more information, visit their webpage or Facebook.

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