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8 Below Rolled Ice Cream

First Look at 8 Below Rolled Ice Cream

With the heat really coming on, a new concept that been spreading all over the country finally made it’s way to Wichita just in time to cool down our palates.

Gangnam Korean

GangNam Korean Grill & Bar Review

Back in 2015, we reviewed Jinji Korean Grill & Bar. While the food was excellent, we only made one visit and never returned. Such was the case with many people

Blue Fin Sake Bar

First Look at Blue Fin Sake Bar

With a large Asian community in Wichita, there is definitely no shortage of options in town for any cuisine whether it be Pho, Pad Thai, Quick Style Chinese Food, you

Third Place

Third Place Brewing Review

Through the years, Douglas Avenue has slowly been turning into that major street in Wichita that people can walk down and enjoy some art, a good meal and find a