Ah-So Oriental Restaurant Revisited

When it comes to delicious restaurants, there is one that doesn’t get enough love in town. That’s Ah-So Oriental Restaurant. It’s been a whopping eight years since I last featured them in a review, so we were due for a big revisited review. My best friend actually referred this place to me back when I started blogging, and it was possibly the best recommendation he’s ever made to me.

855 South Oliver Street, Wichita, KS 67218

Monday – Friday: 10:30am – 8pm
Closed on Saturday & Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

The little hole in the wall gem sits at the northwest corner of Lincoln & Oliver. The space may be hard to spot if you aren’t paying attention. It’s right next door to the liquor store there. It’s tiny inside and probably sits around 20 people tightly.

On any visit, I always start off with a salad with ginger dressing. Seriously, some of the best ginger dressing this side of the Mississippi. You HAVE to order this with every meal.

I’ve lost track of how many items I’ve had on the menu. From the Pepper Steak to the Moo Goo Ga Pan to the Beef Broccoli to the Sweet and Sour Chicken, it’s all wonderful. The food always comes out fresh and is incredibly flavorful. It doesn’t taste like your cheaply made Dillons-style fast food.

It’s also one of the few places that serves mandu with their meals. What is mandu you ask? Mandu is a triangular-shaped eggroll that is essentially identical in flavor. It’s hugely popular there.

The meals there cost around $7 which is on par with many fast food Chinese chains. But this is all made fresh and local, which gives it major bonus points. If that’s not enough, the service is the best. The ladies who are always out on the floor taking orders and serving are so enjoyable and friendly. They have no idea who I am but have always treated me like a life-long customer.

For the price, quality, and service, it’s easily one of my favorite restaurants in town.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “Ah-So Oriental Restaurant Revisited”

  1. Our family has enjoyed dining there for several decades. Same great food – Same great service – Reasonable prices and ample food on your plate. Years ago we would sneak my wife’s grandmother out of the nursing home and take her there. She loved it. And when we would bring her in in her wheel chair, it was always – Move Over! Make Way for Grandmother! She would always order only a half-serving. If what they brought her was a half-serving, then a whole serving must have come in a gallon pail! Some of the most wonderful people in the restaurant business that we have ever met. Oh, and did I mention that the food is terrific? It always is! Don’t forget the hot (horseradish hot) mustard for your mandu.

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