The ultimate build your own potato spot: Hot Potato Bar

About a year and a half ago, a kiosk opened inside Towne East Square called Hot Potato Bar. If you’ve never heard of the place, it’s a build-your-own potato bar complete with all the fixings. I wrote my original blog without much experience in eating fully loaded potatoes at restaurants. Back then, I wasn’t sure what the going rate was for potatoes, how much people generally spent on the dish. So over the course of the past year and half, I spent some time eating potatoes at many restaurants. I wanted to educate myself on what other places were like and then come back to Hot Potato Bar for a revisited review.

7700 E Kellogg Dr.
Wichita, KS 67207

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm


Cash/Card Accepted

To get you up to speed on Hot Potato Bar and what it is, here’s a run down. When you arrive, you pick which potato you’d like. Of course, I went with the fully loaded meat & veggie potato.

Something I didn’t know until recently, all of their large potatoes are cooked in a machine designed strictly for cooking potatoes. The owners purchased the machines from Europe which would pave the way for their restaurant idea.

I started off with some salt, pepper, butter and cheese and started whipping away to get a nice mashed potato texture in the actual potato.

From there you had your choice of all sorts of different toppings like bacon, BBQ, chicken, chili, and all sorts of different vegetables.

I asked for every protein they had available.

Once everything was placed on the potato, it was heated up inside the potato oven and then placed onto a new container. From there, I wasn’t done yet. Some cold toppings like macaroni salad, cole slaw and pickles were placed over the top.

The fun wasn’t over yet. I had them drizzle pretty much every sauce they had available drizzled over the top mainly BBQ sauce and sriracha.

The end result was a meal fit for a king. It was quite the meal for $7.29 which was on par if not cheaper than most places that offered a similar type of dish. Hot Potato Bar spared no expense on completely loading it up.

I was completely wrong in saying in my original blog that I wasn’t sure there was a market for a potato only restaurant. What I had was delicious and more than filled me up. All the meats, toppings and flavors mixed so well together. I was very impressed on this revisit.

I decided to chat the owners up and they’ve been drawing really good business lately now that mall traffic has picked up. Orders have also picked up in general as word continued to get out on them. They’ve had customers even come into the place specifically for their potatoes. It’s to the point, they might have overgrown their space.

The food was convenient, affordable, and very filling. All the qualities to make for something worthwhile especially in a mall setting. It also helps the family that runs the place was very nice. You could just get the vibe they wanted to do what they can do to always improve the customer experience.

Here’s the menu:

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