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The Best Hummus in Wichita!

Determining Best Hummus! For the past two months, I’ve been trying to get the logistics put together for my friends and I to determine where the best hummus is in


Where Is The Best Hummus in Wichita?

People love lists and rankings; I know I do. When it comes to food discussion, lists and rankings always comes up. Like, where is the best steak in Wichita? Where

College Hill Deli and Catering

College Hill Deli and Catering Review

If there’s one thing Wichita does right, it’s Mediterranean food. There is an assortment of restaurants in Wichita listed on Urbanspoon to fill your appetites. At last check, there was

Mediterranean Grill

Mediterranean Grill Reviewed

Does anybody have one of those restaurants they’ve driven by over thousands of times in their life but have never been to? I know I have and Mediterranean Grill is

Meddys Review

Sometimes the best way to get a grasp on the quality of a restaurant is to gather a bunch of friends and grub on an assortment of menu items. Go