Mo’s Hut

Mo's Hut

March 2018

Shawn & Carolyn Gordon

Mo’s Hut founder Shawn Gordon was born in the San Francisco area of California. (Where he ended up marrying his wife, Carolyn, of 15yrs.) However has always had deep roots in Hawaii ( Samoan decent) and spent much of His life on the island of Oahu. Given the nickname Mo at a early age the name stuck with him. “At a young  age I was always fascinated with food, not just eating food but the art of cooking food. I watched & learned from my mom, my grandmother, my aunties & my uncles. I was always drawn to cooking as far back as I can remember. Although I took the long rout into the culinary field cooking has always been my happy place. There was something about being able to cook for people and then to watch how much they enjoyed my food.

Mo's Hut

We are a small moms & pops restaurant and food truck. It’s family owned and operated, so you will see my kids taking orders , my wife and my cousins all doing our part for the success of our business. Mos Hut is not just a one hit wonder, we are constantly elevating, growing and improving. We are bringing  more foods, recipes and specials every week. “I have a chefs mind with a island boy heart. From Hawaii to Wichita we are bringing the real Aloha ??

Hawaiian food is one of the most diverse culinary  cuisines on earth. It’s made up of so many different ethnic influences. From different parts of Asia , Portuguese, Samoan, Philippines , Main Land U.S. etc. The reason was many people came from across the planet to work the sugar cane fields and pineapple fields. Bringing they’re cultural foods, and while working next to the local Hawaiians we adapted theirs and we infused it with ours. Hawaiian food is a humble food, created for the ever day working class Joe made up of three things: Quality, affordability and quantity. Lol (We are big people)

What separates MosHut Hawaiian BBQ from other mainland Hawaiian BBQ restaurants is we are not just in it for the business, so we will do things which some others won’t do. All our sauces, glazes and marinades are made in house. We cook with high end fresh ingredients, we use a variety of meats (Beef, chicken and ribs) that we marinate for 24 hours in those fresh ingredients, onion, green onions, garlic, ginger etc… and we do it just the way we would do it back on the islands. It goes from the grill (BBQ) to the plate. Hot fresh with no salts, no powders added, nothing but real flavors.

After graduating culinary school I found my place on this earth. I always new I didn’t just want to cook at a place that just made money. I wanted to be apart of something that helped others. I’ve spent most of my career working in the inner city bringing great food and nutrition to homeless shelters, at risk youths, schools, rehabs, churches and the nonprofit sector.  Which is the reason I relocated my wife and 4 children here to Wichita. We fell in love with a homeless ministry that has been feeding the homeless here in Wichita for the last 12 years every Sunday rain, shine or snow. “Church On The Street”.  While donating my time to this ministry I’ve worked at a couple local places around town, then as a private chef, then started a catering company. As I was living here in Wichita I was missing my cultural island foods. I was missing my Islands, I was missing the Aloha of what was shared with me and with what I’ve always shared with others. Out of that Mo’s Hut Wichita was born.

Mo's Hut


Mo's Hut

By far our mix plate is our biggest go to. (I warn you its a big plate!) You get 2 scoops of rice, 1 scoop of Hawaiian Mac salad a bed of steamed cabbage piled with our famous Hawaiian BBQ chicken, teriyaki beef and Korean short ribs.

Mo's Hut

Look us up on FB “Mos Hut Wichita” for all the latest specials and food truck events!
Mo’s Hut Wichita address 2800 E Central
Hours: 11am to 8pm Tuesday through Sat
Phone (316) 806-0209
email: [email protected] catering & inquiries of food truck.

Mo's Hut Mo's Hut

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