First Look at Taqueria La Chona; a must try Mexican restaurant

A new Mexican restaurant opened recently and let me save you some time and just tell you, it’s a winner. Taquería La Chona replaced the old Poblano Mexican Grill space and it shot up as one of my favorite Mexican spots in town.

3415 E Harry St
Wichita, Kansas 67218

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm
Sunday: 11am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

For the first look at Taquería La Chona, we tried different items on the menu on a few different visits to give you an idea of what you can expect on your visit there. Why three different visits? Because it was fantastic.

We went with their Vampiro which was a little tostada with suadero (beef rose) meat, tortas ahogadas, a small cup of consome, the birria and of course an assortment of tacos.

Let’s start off with the torta. It came with carnitas and refried beans. My friend used to live in Guadalajara and said he really thought this torta was the closest you’d get to one back in his old home. The bed of tomato sauce the torta just added a nice kick of flavors to liven up the sandwich.

As for the birria, it was some of the best beef birria we’ve all ever had. It melted in our mouths and was a massage for our taste buds.

The owners of Taquería La Chona used to own a food truck a while so they were no strangers to good street tacos. The tortillas were grilled to offer a nice crisp and keep all the meats intact. I tried their al pastor, lengua and tripa and found them all to be delicious. Three different salsas were offered with the tacos: a green mild, a hot red and a chipotle option that was good as advertised by our server.

There really wasn’t one bad dish in our visits.

Consome de birria
Torta Ahogadas

To compound how good we thought it was, we even went back as soon as possible to order more birria to go.

Taquería La Chona is a full service restaurant. The servers did a great job on every visit and were sure to thank every customer who entered through the doors. I had a good discussion about the restaurant and learned the style of the food and many of the recipes were native to the Western Mexican state of Jalisco. Often times I see people ask, “What is the best authentic Mexican food?” But nobody ever asks for “authentic American BBQ”. The reason is that there are different styles of BBQ based on the region. The same correlation can be made with Mexican food. Mexico is a huge country that holds so many regions so it only makes sense that people should expect to see different styles.

With that said, you all should add this restaurant to your list of places to try this year.

Here’s their menu:

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  1. You should have a real mexican to try that food, some so call mexican restaurant are tex mex, means more american than mexican.

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