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First Look at Mirai Ramen & Sushi

We originally reported a ramen restaurant was in the works for the northeast part of town back in December. That place is now here, but they are more than just

Yokohama Ramen Izakaya

Yokohama Ramen Izakaya Revisited

One of the kids has been getting “influenced” quite a bit by random videos she’s watched on TikTok. There are a couple vloggers she’s been watching who make ramen dishes.

Tiger Rice Japanese Kitchen

First Look at Tiger Rice Japanese Kitchen

If you’re familiar with Mr. Miyagi Japanese Grill, you’ll want to check out the new Tiger Rice Japanese Kitchen. The new restaurant has opened at 1735 W 21st. St. that recently

Miya Izakaya

First Look at Miya Izakaya

A new Japanese and Korean restaurant serving sushi and Korean-style fried chicken has opened in the former Chalet space at 3030 N. Penstemon. Miya Izakaya opened in August and brought in

Teriyaki House Revisited

While out in southeast Wichita, I was on the hunt for a restaurant I haven’t been to in a while. Teriyaki House immediately caught my eye. It’s been roughly five years since