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Picasso’s Pizzeria Revisited

We were on the hunt for pizza and decided to revisit a place that was in need of a revisited review. Picasso’s Pizzeria sits in the heart of Delano and serves

Keeper of the Crepes Revisited

If you love unique and different restaurants, I encourage you to check out one of the newer establishments in town that just reopened post COVID-19, Keeper of the Crêpes. It’s

Aero Plains Brewing

Farewell to Aero Plains Brewing

If you haven’t heard, Aero Plains Brewing has officially closed after being in business since 2016. Located in the Delano District, the brewery was a hot spot for their annual

First Look at Keeper of the Crepes

Often times new restaurants stick to the same genre of food that can easily be found in Wichita. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes you want something new

Delano BBQ Co. Revisited

While looking for lunch, I started driving around and passed by a building I haven’t stepped foot in over a year and not sure why. I always talk about the

Fusion Restaurant Review

I have not been to The Fusion Restaurant since they were originally called Soul Sisters Fusion restaurant. Since then, they have seemed to rebrand themselves. They describe themselves as southern