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Rusted Rooster

Get To Know… The Rusted Rooster

The Rusted Rooster FOUNDED December 2012 THE OWNER Lissa Hackney ABOUT THE OWNERS I am married to my biggest supporter, Kale and mom to Preston and Kullyn. I have been

VietNom Nom

Get To Know… VietNom Nom

VietNom Nom FOUNDED November 2017 THE OWNER Huyvu Nguyen (pronounced Hoo-Vee Win) ABOUT THE OWNERS My professional background has primarily been with Walgreens as a store manager (Newton and Harry

Get To Know… Barre Forte

Barre Forte Wichita FOUNDED 2017 THE OWNER Jordan Kieffer ABOUT THE OWNERS A true Kansas girl, I grew up in the country just outside of Wichita and spent most of

Get To Know… TheBarn

TheBarn FOUNDED October 29, 2015 THE OWNER Karl and Lesley Matlack ABOUT THE OWNERS Karl has lived on the family farm outside of Burrton his entire life. Lesley was born

Get To Know… Cero’s Candies

Cero’s Candies FOUNDED 1885 THE OWNER Betty Albrecht ABOUT THE OWNERS I am a native of Anderson, MO and have lived in KS for 41 years. I currently live in

Get To Know… Bigley’s BBQ

Bigley’s BBQ FOUNDED June 2018 THE OWNER Shane Bigley ABOUT THE OWNERS I moved to Wichita in 2017 from S.E. Kansas and I work full time for a local aerospace


BAGEL HAUS FOUNDED September 2017 THE OWNERS Haley Guthrie ABOUT THE OWNERS I grew up in Goliad, a small, South Texas town.  A big part of my upbringing was spent

Get To Know… Against the Grain LLC

Against the Grain LLC Wichita, KS FOUNDED March 2016 THE OWNERS Mother and son duo of Pam Bugler and Simon Bugler ABOUT THE OWNERS Pam Bugler was diagnosed Celiac with