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Get To Know… When Pigs Fly BBQ

When Pigs Fly BBQ FOUNDED October 2010 THE OWNERS Brian & Kendra Choy ABOUT THE OWNERS Brian and Kendra have both spend the majority of their careers in the food

Get To Know… The Kyle Killgore Band

The Kyle Killgore Band STARTED May 2018 ARTIST NAME Kyle Killgore GENRE OF MUSIC Red Dirt Country Music ARTIST BIO Kyle Killgore has had music around him his whole life.

Get To Know… Sarah Jane’s LLC

Sarah Jane’s LLC FOUNDED 2009 THE OWNERS Shane & Sarah Jane May ABOUT THE OWNERS Shane & Sarah both worked at Cessna Aircraft Company before starting Sarah Jane’s in 2009. Shane for 20 years as an

Get To Know… Barrel Boys BBQ

Barrel Boys BBQ FOUNDED 2016 THE OWNERS Buddy King ABOUT THE OWNERS Barrel Boys BBQ was started by two friends based out of Wichita, KS. With a passion for BBQ, they headed

Get To Know… Fyre

Fyre FOUNDED April 1, 2018 THE OWNERS Celese Ponder ABOUT THE OWNERS I am a mother of three sons. Entrepreneur all my life.  Owned and operated a daycare for 16years

Get To Know… Nortons Brewing Company

Nortons Brewing Company FOUNDED November 15, 2017 THE OWNERS Dan and Becky Norton ABOUT THE OWNERS Dan – 27 years in the restaurant industry, 17 years as Head Brewer at

Get To Know… Wichita Life ICT

Wichita Life ICT FOUNDED May 2017 THE OWNER Landon & Candace Huslig ABOUT THE OWNERS My wife Candace and I (Landon) grew up in Andover and being Wichita natives, we

Get To Know… Kelly’s Family Diner

Kelly’s Family Diner FOUNDED November 15, 2017 THE OWNER Kelly and Dewaine Wilson ABOUT THE OWNERS We moved to Wichita at the end of 95. I have worked for a

Get To Know… ICT Radio

ICT Radio FOUNDED January 1, 2018 THE OWNER Tim Klein, Derrick Metzen, Eric Pierce ABOUT THE OWNERS All musicians or former artists who have an overwhelming love for music of