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Thai House

Thai House is always a winning option

It’s crazy where lunch can lead you sometimes. I stopped by one restaurant who was supposed to be open and they were closed; then went to a second restaurant for

Thai House Revisited

It’s long been one of my favorite Thai restaurants in town, and I had to make sure it was a stop on my visits down West Street. If you’ve never

Promise Thai Cuisine

Promise Thai Cuisine Review

So Fresh and So Clean Clean For nine years and two months, Promise Thai Cuisine has been a popular favorite by many in Wichita. It’s one of the highest rated

Thai Tradition

Must Try Menu Item: Thai Tradition

There is one restaurant I’ve always meant to write a review on but have never got around to: Thai Tradition. Thai Tradition is located in Carriage Parkway at 650 N

Bann Thai

Bann Thai Restaurant Review

Update: Bann Thai has moved to 3811 W 13th street since this review was posted Ever have one of those moments where you’re just driving around during lunch time and