A return visit to Greystone Restaurant

It’s been years since our last visit to Greystone Restaurant. Since the last time we walked in their doors, they were known as Greystone Steak & Seafood Restaurant and changed their approach to move away from fine dining. A new menu was also released. With restaurants beginning to reopen, we decided to stop by for dine in with one of their specials and check it out.

9719 E 21st St N
Wichita, Kansas 67206

Sunday – Monday: 11am – 9pm
Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm


Cash/Card accepted

One of the things we miss about dining in has been getting out for a drink. So we started off our dinner with a strawberry pomegranate martini and a champagne mojito. Both were refreshing drinks to begin our evening.

While glancing through the list of six starters available, the one that caught my eye the most was the lobster cargot. Nice plump pieces of lobster came out swimming in garlic butter and melted Havarti cheese. It paired very well with the butter toasted bread. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, the lobster itself or the garlic butter. Both were fantastic.

For our main entrées, we had the jerk chicken with a side of baked black beans and poblano coleslaw and the 6 oz filet cooked rare plus with a baked potato and Caesar salad.

While it’s not necessary, one of the minor details I enjoy is when my salad comes out in a chilled bowl. The Caesar salad was simple yet satisfying. The dressing was creamy and stuck to the lettuce and had a rich tanginess to it that tickled my taste buds.

The jerk chicken was also another delicious dish. Well….more so the chicken than anything else. The baked black beans and poblano coleslaw fell a little flat and gave the dish a drier texture. But the main feature of the jerk chicken more than made up for it. The skin had a smoky texture to it that most people would likely enjoy along with a juicy tender interior.

Last up was the 6 oz filet, I had cooked rare plus and they did a great job. It had a mild beefy flavor that didn’t appear to have much seasoning on it. With filets, I usually try to cut it into small pieces to really enjoy every bite. There was definitely a noticeable softer texture and a tenderness to it that melted in my mouth. I savored the meal and took my sweet ass time.

There was nothing bad to say about the service. The servers were very much on top of everything. The drinks, appetizer and dishes all came out in a great timely manner. They were polite, helpful and engaging.

I remember my first time going to Greystone and my friends and I were a little underwhelmed on the visit. This latest go around far exceeded my first visit.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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