Hurts Donut: Home of the biggest apple fritter

To celebrate National Donut Day, I asked readers to weigh in on some of their favorite places. I’ve been to all the donut shops in Wichita but what I loved was hearing order recommendations from all the places mentioned. One that caught my eye was the apple fritter from Hurts Donut. People said the thing was huge but I truly had no idea until I stepped inside.

7010 W 21st St., Wichita, KS 67205

Open Daily: 25/8

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When I arrived, there was just one apple fritter left. I also ordered a key lime donut and “Jesus” donut because I felt like I needed some God in my life.

Guys I’m not kidding, the apple fritter was ridiculous and took up nearly the entire box made for a dozen donuts.

Here’s what the size of the box looked like. It took up more space in a car seat than I did.

And here’s the donuts:

Sometimes, the oversized food items can be bland, gimmicky and just for show. The apple fritter was delicious and enough to feed the entire family. There were plenty of apple chunks inside and a nice icing coating over the top. One of the best parts about it was the $4.50 price. I’m glad I was able to get the last one on my visit.

The other donuts weren’t half bad either. The Key Lime had what felt like a pound of key lime filling inside.

And as of this writing, we still have plenty of apple fritter to finish.

Here’s their menu:

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