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Pho KC Revisited

While trying to decide on where to get some pho for dinner, my family landed on Pho KC Vietnamese Restaurant. I fell in love with their food on my first

Pho Lotus Revisited

If you’re driving down South Seneca, there’s a Vietnamese restaurant you may have passed multiple times without noticing it. That’s because their sign is completely faded out. Pho Lotus has been

First Look at Pho KC

The Vietnamese restaurant, Pho No 1, quietly closed down last year but just like that a new restaurant has taken over. Pho KC Vietnamese Restaurant cleaned up the interior and

Pho Special Revisited

During a nice winter day, pho is often brought up as a suggestion for dinner. It’s a great food option for couples who want to avoid the “Where to eat”

My mother’s favorite dish

When it comes to food, my mother can be a picky eater. It’s a trait that definitely was not passed on to me. Of course it didn’t help that as