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¿Has estado en Restaurante Gerardo’s?

¿Has estado en Restaurante Gerardo’s? Están ubicados en 2801 West Central Avenue. Aquí está su página de Facebook. Si nunca has ido, su menú tiene hamburguesas, burritos, tacos, platos combinados,

Gerardo’s Restaurant Revisited

It’s been roughly two years since they opened and the last time I stepped inside this restaurant. I happened to be nearby one afternoon and decided to stop in to

The burritos are back at Juarez Bakery

One of the best values and burritos in town are back at Juarez Bakery. Earlier this year, the burritos were not available and I was told they weren’t sure if they’d

Dappery Dodo Breakfast Burritos Revisited

It’s been 3-4 years since my last stop to Dappery Dodo Breakfast Burritos. The food truck that specializes in imaginative breakfast burrito creations parks out behind the Lucky’s Everyday building