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Taco Shop

Taco Shop Revisited

Sometimes you need some fast food tacos in your life, and our family makes it a point to make our rounds to the various options in town. One stop is


Trying Braum’s Big Country Breakfast

This is an impromptu blog (as is 90% of what I write). One of the kids was craving the cappuccino chunky chocolate ice cream from Braum’s. There just happened to be a sale


Fast Food Breakfast Series: Chick-fil-A

We’ve had a segment called Fast Food Breakfast Series, where the older kids get to choose where to get breakfast. 90% of the time, they’ll choose a chain. So because

Let’s Review Taco John’s

Let’s review Taco John’s! The fast food restaurant chain was founded in 1969. They serve Mexican-inspired fast food they call “West-Mex”. Headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Taco John’s now has 380 restaurants

Grindhouse Killer Burgers - Blandest Burgers

One of the blandest burgers I’ve ever had

I recently had one of the blandest burgers ever. It also makes me wonder how many restaurant owners clicked on this particular blog, praying their name it wasn’t mentioned. Well,