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Sakura Japanese Cuisine Review

The title of the longest standing Japanese restaurant in Delano belongs to Sakura Japanese Cuisine.  Primarily known as a sushi and teppanyaki restaurant, they added ramen to their menu a couple

Wasabi Sushi Bar West

Wasabi Sushi Bar West Review

In the mood for some sushi, we stopped by a restaurant we haven’t been to in many years. Our latest review brought us to Wasabi Sushi Bar West. ================= 2404

A Visual Tour Through Hana Cafe

One afternoon a big group of us were downtown and craving some sushi. We figured why not stop by Hana Cafe and take everybody through a visual tour of the


Sprouts sushi just $5 every Wednesdays

After writing about Dillon’s $5 sushi, many readers were quick to point out and beat me to the punch on my next article. Dillon’s isn’t the only player in town

Dillons Sushi

Dillons sushi for just $5 every Friday

Let’s face it, Dillon’s has their share fare of Sushi fans. For it’s convenience, there have been many times I’ve stopped by while grocery shopping to pick up some sushi. While