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Dog N Shake

Dog N Shake Revisited

One restaurant in my rotation that I try to frequent probably a few times a year is Dog N Shake. It’s one of those restaurants that’s not for everybody, but if


Revisiting Wheatly’s for some hot dogs

I was in the mood for some hot dogs and decided to revisit Wheatly’s. It’s located inside Social Tap Drinkery on the Wichita State campus. If you’ve never heard of

Sweet P’s Love Machine Revisited

Over at the corner of 18th and Garland, there’s a little strip center that has some little shops in it. But just to the west of it, there’s a food

Wheat Street Dogs Revisited

One of the mobile food operations I’ve been most excited to revisit this year was Wheat Street Dogs. They’ve been closed during the pandemic for over a year and finally

The Underdog Revisited

When I first came across The Underdog food truck, they were just a small food cart and before that, a mobile business called The Crop Cart. A lot has changed since

Latino Hot Dogs Review

Over the weekend, I stopped by a recent transplant to Wichita, KS all the way from Houston, TX. They cater, they have two mobile trailers and specialize in hot dogs