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Reviewing China Cafe in Haysville, KS

I felt like taking a small drive outside of Wichita to visit a restaurant I’ve never been to. We were feeling Chinese food and looking through my directory, I settled

Xcaret Mexico Restaurant Review

I decided to drive out to Haysville and stop by a restaurant I’ve never been to before. There’s a Mexican restaurant called Xcaret Mexico Restaurant. They also own a breakfast and

Trying out Breakfast with La Pasadita

In checking out more Wichita area restaurants, I made the drive out to Haysville to start my day at a Mexican restaurant called Breakfast with La Pasadita. They specialize in

Haysville Fish Co. Review

Many of you may have heard of Wichita Fish Co. But what some people may not know is they also have a sister store out south appropriately named Haysville Fish Co.