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First Look at Frost Bites

With summer coming to a close, I had to stop by and visit the only shaved ice stand I have yet to try. It’s the new Frost Bites stand who

First Look at Cone Heads

It’s that time of year when there are options for shaved ice in all parts of town. The latest opening comes from Cone Heads. They are advertised as a shaved

The Berg shaved ice review

Shaved ice season is almost coming to a close, so we wanted to make a quick stop by one of the mobile trailers we have yet to cover, The ‘Berg.

Flamingo Sno Shaved Ice Review

Another stop for shaved ice took me to Flamingo Sno Shaved Ice. They are a mobile trailer parked out at Tyler and McCormick just west of the strip center that

Chilly Goat Shaved Ice Review

A new shaved ice stand recently opened in Wichita at 3151 N Rock Road called Chill Goat Shaved Ice. They originally started in Newton and while I was there, I